Redemption THREAD for girouding about FOOTBALL for the OOFT WEEKEND

We’ll probably win but it’ll be ugly. Utd to re-announce themselves as title challengers with a resounding 2-1 win over Burnley. City to drop EVEN MORE points at Brom. Liverpool and Spurs to win again, the pricks. Other games of little note. Other people can do other leagues.

Cardiff away for us. Grim. 0-2

Can see Spurs v Leicester being a draw. Otherwise fairly easy wins for the on-paper favourites in each game I would think (Arsenal, Watford, Liverpool, Burnley, City, etc).

In other news, Jose has said that Rooney’s going no where. Fans of other Premiership sides breathe a massive sigh of relief.

West Brom away is tricky for any team. Something about a team that plays 6 defenders and 3 defensive midfielders that makes them hard to break down.

Dortmund - Schalke the standout game in europe this weekend. Both have been disappointing this season but it’s still one of the best derbies in europe. Hoping to find a pub with that on at the same time as Palace - Liverpool

In fairness, they are archetypical sort of team for Arsenal to struggle against. Still think you’ll win, but, yeah it may not be easy that’s true.

You’ve had a mare, they’re playing City. I even screenshotted it for you :anguished:

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Oh fuck! How embarrassing. I feel like the football thread equivalent of David Moyes.

City’ll batter them, obviously.

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Brentford beat QPR 2-0 last night, everything else this weekend is a footnote

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Only £30!

Cliched thing to say but I really would rather spend £30 not to spend an evening with Mark Lawrenson

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Imagine Garth was involved too


Aberdeen 0-3 Celtic
HamAc 2-1 Dundee
Inverness Throbbing Gristle 1-1 :hearts:
Motherwell 1-0 RossCo
Rangerz 3-1 Kilmarnock Pie
St Johnstone 2-0 Partick Thistle Nil

You think it’ll be ugly against Sunderland? I’m expecting Arsenal to pump them 4-1. Moyes isn’t long for this world and I think this might be his last match. Then again early kick offs tend to have a habit of being a bit strange and ruining accumulators…

Thing is our central midfield is so integral to our ability to break down deep defensive blocks, and our midfield today consists of Elneny and Coquelin. I like Elneny but he’s not gonna be playing many slide-rule passes or anything.

Hopefully Moyes’ Boys really are as shit as their results suggest (not watched them this season)/

Players you didn’t know the current team of #1,983 - Steven Pienaar, Sunderland



Atkinson is such a shit ref

Been so bad

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Sunderland are shit