Reduced section successes (rolling)

What are your highlights? Made a decent enough meal out of what’s been on offer?

It sorted my dinner out for tonight (don’t judge me)…



Got a pcak of 2 jammie dodger muffins the other day for 10p

And a couple of weeks ago I stopped at Tebay services and the farmshop had a load of yellow sticker stuff. Still pricey. But less pricey than usual. :+1:


Get 10p bread from waitrose near closing time when i remember, also reduced flowers

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A success for me is when you find “ripen at home” fruit in the reduced section. Picking up items that have been priced lower due to the need for patience, but which are further reduced despite now being “perfectly ripe”, an attribute which normally comes at a cost premium. Happy days!!


Never get to the good shit in reduced since moving to a student area. Those little buggers are too quick for me

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Nice thinking

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those packs that are half babycorn and half sugarsnap peas - got 4 of them 75% cos it meant getting lots of babycorn cheap then left the sugarsnap peas in the fridge for housemates to use. big win for everyone

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Love a good reduction me, always on the lookout for those yellow stickers.

This is from last year, but check this haul. 10p bonanza


Went to a Tesco Express on NYE once and it was incredible, almost everything was reduced to like 40p, didn’t know what to do with myself

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Really good thread, can’t believe we don’t have this already

Think it should just be a rolling thread for all good finds, rather than particular standouts

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I will certainly be returning here to show off my top finds.

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Let’s roll this shit

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Boomboom bargain

  • I buy things I already like, just slightly cheaper
  • I go for the biggest discounts
  • I gamble on weird news stuff if it’s cheap enough

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