🤳 Reducing image/file storage

Just trying to get my head around how we’ve already reached our 100 GB storage limit.

I’ve spent some time looking at the Discourse boards and can’t seem to find a solution.

Any suggestions?

Hazard a guess there are A LOT of gifs and images posted. But not sure if wed have posted enough to hit 100gb does that storage include everything or just the images

That’s what I thought. Wondering if people are uploading different types of files or maybe huge images?!

There is a cap of 2mb per image iirc

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Based on the volume of posts here, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s been reached. Is there a way of deleting the images from posts older than a certain age?

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2mb cap on images assuming the limit was reached woth every photo would mean 5,000 images to reach a gigabyte and subsequently 500,000 images to reach 100gb. That’s a lot, more than possible from us penoids right?

Have you seen the end of year stats?

Ur right. Let’s ban everyone in the selfie thread


I think your numbers were out by a factor of 10.

@Sean - If this is the only thing driving us up the tiers of Discourse packages then the obvious solution is to enable AWS s3 hosting and push the cost there; it should be cheaper overall than discourse’s prices. - https://meta.discourse.org/t/setting-up-file-and-image-uploads-to-s3/7229.

Failing that we could set up a “gold” forum to keep select threads and just purge old stuff, (https://meta.discourse.org/t/purge-old-topics/33159/5) and then the orphan files detection setting would pick up unused images over time. https://meta.discourse.org/t/is-there-a-way-to-delete-old-irrelevant-uploads/49284/4


Every time you link to an image, say a gif or whatever, discourse seems to create a local copy of it which is quite odd


It’s considered to be good behaviour to do that rather than hotlink (embed from another website)

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What’s odd is that there doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the settings to archive photos over a certain age or compress one images or anything like that. Just being able to find large files would be helpful.

We’re always at the edge of the 2m pageviews every month so guess we may need to go up a tier. I’ll have a proper look to see if I can find an alternative solution.

We already host all the DiS images on AWS but not sure I know how to do that on here nor get rid of the old images.

It’s almost as if I didn’t post a link to a step by step guide on doing this.

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I read if and it doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not a coder and I’m not sure if these steps don’t make sense because we’re not a self hosted forum? (Or if I’m just stupid)

Yeah, sorry - think I’m a bit tetchy today. No coding required, but there is quite a bit techy stuff in there - I wouldn’t expect you to understand the whole thing.

I’d say your best two routes given your limitations are:

  • go to Discourse support and ask them for help on that side; they will know what’s possible better than any of us, and they should be helpful with telling you what’s possible and what’s not given you’re forking over $300 a month to them.
  • ask for a few trusted volunteers in the DiS community; they’re a wonderful bunch, many give up time for community activities for free and there’s quite a few who work in Software/Tech. Give them access to whatever they have and ask them what they can do for you to reduce your bills once they’re able to dive in and see where the bottlenecks etc are.

I get the latter option means working out who you feel you can trust with access to different things and that’s a big step for a project that’s dear to your heart - but there’s a limited amount any of us can do otherwise beyond suggesting things like “delete stuff more than 2 years old” or “follow this guide” unfortunately :frowning:

Its standard practice as otherwise you’re leeching someone elses bandwidth

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Opens the door to this sort of reaction too

Will deleting the threads delete the files from being stored tho?

Yes, so long as you have “orphan file detection” switched on.

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As said by others, don’t think it’s an issue if you delete any of the selfie threads. Probably worth though doing a heads up over on the social board tho, so people can get a chance to save any they might want to grab.