🤳 Reducing image/file storage

As said by others, don’t think it’s an issue if you delete any of the selfie threads. Probably worth though doing a heads up over on the social board tho, so people can get a chance to save any they might want to grab.


Any idea how I do that?

It’s a default setting…

Totally fine with me to get rid of selfies. To be honest any image that’s more than a few months old should go I reckon.

Selfie-wise most of us has discussed it before and I’m pretty sure the consensus was ditch them


Anyone want me to put all my selfies in a zip file and put it in a public Google drive so you can still wank over them?


Would be good to know when the old files are getting deleted though, for example it’d be nice to keep the contents of this thread for posterity.


Would add this one for the archive as well

Basically, any thread where users here are creating unique #content, rather than copying it from elsewhere.

Fwiw, I’d say delete the selfie threads after a week or two, for both personal data security and space - I’d imagine photos are generally bigger than memes or whatever, so that’d get the biggest savings. Might get more people posting in the selfie threads if they knew they’d be taken down as well, sort of like a delayed Snapchat.


Yeah, biggest files tend to be uploads straight from the phone camera innit. I’ve started uploading screenshots of photos rather than the original

If you take them in messenger or WhatsApp they tend to be a lot smaller as well

(discovered this cos it works if you need to take a photo of a train ticket for a delay repay but are above the file size limit)

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Firstly, don’t worry, it would be hard to find threads like the Mclusky one, which one need to be deleted manually and I love that thread and never would.

I’m going to get rid of some really old selfie threads and see if it makes any difference.


has something happened to gifs? been some (very funny) tiny giffing the last couple of days

(obviously gifs are not very space efficient anyway)

I reduced upload limits to 1meg and not to download images from elsewhere to our server, so it’s maybe compressing them?


I’ve worked with @discourse and managed to reduce some of our storeage but we’re still right at limit

Want me to delete old selfie threads etc, as has been discussed before?

Yeah, I think deleting those will be a big help. As long as you don’t think people will kick off?

Nope I think it’ll be fine. I’ll look into it in the next few days :slightly_smiling_face:


@wewerewerewolvesonce Just FYI

Thanks let me know if you need a hand with this.

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kicks off


Be nice to Sean, tilty.