Reducing notifications

Hi All

Does anyone else get a lot of these badges notifications and should we maybe tweak the settings slightly so it happens less often?

I don’t get them very often but then I’m not a mega poster. Quite like getting the 10 like badge or a badge for starting a popular thread.


@moderators do you know where I can find the parameters that generates these alerts? Maybe I can’t see it on mobile version of admin panel

I don’t think you can change those alerts really. They’re based on block levels of likes.

They’ve introduced the filtering of notifications down the right hand side of the list to aid this but the reality is you’re only getting loads because you are posting multiple community update posts at the moment. Once there are fewer things to note, this should calm down.

You can exclude categories from these things. Eg the serious matters category doesn’t give them out AFAIK, so maybe do that setting for Site Feedback?

Guess what I’m trying to work out if what I’m getting is a fairly standard number and if others feel like they get a lot. I think it’s something like 5 link clicks to get a link one as none of the links I post ever get a huge number of clicks

It tells you on a badge. 50 click through for a popular link AFAIK.

And no, I would imagine you get way way more than others because of who you are and the nature of the types of posts you make, as I say.

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I don’t know about the settings, but recently they changed how they display in your notifications thing so that all the unread badge notifications are at the top. If you dismiss them it’ll look normal again, then when you get a new one that will sit at the top until you read or dismiss it

Ah! I didn’t realise I had to click on them to clear them. Weird change.

You’ve always had to click on them to remove them. That or the Dismiss option at the bottom of the list. I thin think the difference @froglet is talking about is that they always appear first in your notification list instead of the list being in the order that things happened.

However, the side column selectors make it easy to get rid of these badge ones (fairly pointless most times, esp. as you often have at least one like in your notifications relating to it) by clicking the ‘badges’ selector and then hitting Dismiss to clear all of them

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