Reducing Plastic Waste

Been trying to reduce my use of plastic recently. It’s pretty difficult. Was just in the supermarket there and it must 75%+ stuff that had single use plastic in.

Anyone else trying to do this?

Any tips?


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Lots of tips in here

Aye I’ve got a few different ones. Finally got a leakproof one which is small, good as fits in my coat pocket, bad if i want anything other than a flat white.

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Yeah same, and i always forget to take it with me :grimacing:

I’ve started to get things at the bulk bins in Planet Organic. It’s SO MUCH CHEAPER. You can just decant from the paper bags to a jar at home or you can take jars with you and do it directly there.

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I saw a collapsible one online. Maybe that will encourage you to take it out?



Some sort of plastic hat

There’s surely enough plastic on the planet now for ‘them’ to stop making it, and we just recycle what we need going forward.

This goes entirely against every libertarian (with a small L) bone in my body, but (with perhaps an exception for emergency medical and military usage) I would just ban plastic production altogether now. that will sort the problem pretty quickly.

It is!

oh actually if you keep a bottle of water and get another one and refill the first one you have a new use for the water bottle as a cool new bottle of water

remember those shops which were just loads of bins and they just weighed everything at the till?

sound a bit like that but they were a bit more farmfoods than organic twat.

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anyone else hate paper straws or just me

I don’t remember that no.

But it’s basically this.

Oh its this exact one

I bought stainless steel ones.

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very useful for coke

(the drink)

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I don’t think there is a Glasgow equivalent.

Also sorry for retreading your thread.

that looks pretty sweet.

these weren’t posh like that though.