Redundancy chat thread



Firstly, if this brings up unpleasant memories, then sorry.

Once again my department seems to be under the spotlight and the concern has spread a little. It starts to play tricks on your mind, you wonder if you imagine it or not. Have any of you got any good stories, like proper hard-ass “they tried to shaft me, but I shafted them stories”?


Most of our central services has been put at risk this week, grim atmosphere. I’m safe though


Been made redundant twice and loved it both times. Got a few grand payout and took a month off.


Fucking wish. Will have been in my job 18 years this September.


applied for a job 2 years ago with a different company.

got an interview

then got told my current job was up for redundancy.

got offered the new job… didnt tell my company that i had been offered it

Got redundancy pay off and 4 weeks gardening leave

Then started new job




I’d be quite (actuall really) happy with an actual redundancy but even so, when you feel like things are going behind your back and decisions being made, it could very unpleasant. If they’d just tell me, they’d ironically get so much more out of me for the next few months.


Man alive! I thought I was in a job for a long time as a software developer, that is reaaaaaally long.


100% Perfect


Happened at my last place. The company went through several rounds of redundancies over three years before I was let go. The atmosphere was pretty horrible, with gossiping and cliques forming. Not something I’d want to experience again. That said, I’d been there for 9 years and so got a decent payout though, which helped to keep me going while the job market was still terrible.

Looks like architectural firms are starting to make people redundant again, which is usually a sign that a recession isn’t far off. My firm seem to be okay as a few people have left to move away, meaning we’ve downsized through natural wastage.


A guy who i was prrsonal assistant to for three years made me redundant with no notice. Fuck him.


he sounds like a nice guy


There were rumours our office/dept. was to close last year as our sector was struggling and the company are known to be absolutely ruthless.
I took out redundancy insurance which helped to ease my worries, to the degree I was praying for it to happen. Cost about £28 per month and would have covered me up to a whole year, paying me 60% of my salary per month - easily enough to live on and cover our mortgage/bills etc.
Then our dept. got sold to another company and I just cannot foresee redundancy ever happening now, which is a good thing but has totally dashed my hopes of a free year off.


Yeah the two proper jobs I had before this laid of the entirety of temp staff (about 80 in all?) at my level and gutted loads of permanent jobs above too.

I escaped both times. No idea how cos permanents go ‘at risk’ and then get given any job, don’t they?

I know its easy to say but I always cater for the worst (i.e being let go every day) and it seems to have served me well in terms of temperament and satisfaction.

EDIT: I think having a permanent job has made me soft, btw.


I am right now able to apply for voluntary severance. If I got it they’d pay me £54K. Not worth it.


17 years for me. The way this companies going I’d love redundancy. With our redundancy rules I’d get around 9 months tax free.


not really suprising if you couldn’t even spell your job title correctly


Hurr hurr


Mine would only be statutory, but that’s good for 18 years. On top of that, there’s a 12 week notice period and traditionally they’ve paid you that and asked you to go…


I was made to work my notice period.