Redundant Technology



Landline telephone

This thread been done? Big whoop, we’re doing it again.


When I’m at home I tie my mobile to the wall


one of my favourite lines from paranoid android


Fax machines (except on transfer deadline day).
Hostess trolleys.


this is as good a place as any to say that a bloke from 6th form who i barely know but am still friends with on facebook posted a picture today of his new train driving license

probably a bit late in human history for that career choice


School blackboards


Was just clearing out ‘the drawer’ and have put about 4 old ‘slow charging’ phone chargers in for the recycling. Only from about 5 years ago, but completely redundant to my life.


for all us Fletch fans, we’ll never give up the Dictaphone.




telegram dating


All those budding romances ended by a misinterpreted “STOP”.


You’ve got at least 30 years before train drivers/operators become redundant. He’ll be fine.


Play-by-mail fantasy football


Plotters in offices. We just got rid of ours and have gone back to sending drawings out to be plotted, like it’s the early-90s.



Oops, that’s already been said




Pagers are still quite often used by doctors and nurses in care homes and hospitals.


My mum still has and uses a hostess trolley. Its made her the slowest cook in the world - I swear she cooks a meal one thing at a time


Cd changers for the boot of the car

Micro fiche. I presume anyway, @plasticniki??


Almost all of them use mobiles now.