Reese's [the American peanut butter / chocolate brand]


Peanut (butter) haters please stay out.

I can’t get enough off these:

I reckon these have the best peanut butter to chocolate ratio.


Reese’s Pieces are life


I’ve had the nut bar a few times. It’s not as good as the cup, but it’s just about acceptable. Incredibly sweet, though.


No, with a knife


Reckon the wafer is better than the nut bar.


I’m not a fan of wafer in general, but I’ll try it the next time the shop is out of cups.


they’re good if you put crunchy peanut butter on top and then press some blueberries into the peanut butter. fact.


Had one of these the other day.


I looooove Reese’s

Really enjoy the little mini ones in a bag - but the classic cups are prob best

haven’t had those xmas trees and need to

They are not official Reese’s cups - but Ben and Jerries peanut butter cup ice cream is awesome





this is also good - but only a wrongun would put it on avocado

Reeses Peanut Butter & Chocolate Spread


they weren’t as stuffed as the picture suggests, but still :ok_hand:




Looks like apple


hang on - think that’s actually - a slice of applee…


Last time I was in Munich I had peanut butter cups with DOUBLE filling.

It was a bit much, tbh.


Never had one. So I can make sure I don’t waste my money, do you all like hersheys chocolate as well?




No, tastes like earwax.