Referral Codes

Post in here if you have/want referral codes for shit, otherwise it ain’t happening!


Anybody wants 50 sniffs off Bulb then come see me!

I’ve got 25% of Rapha if you, or anyone else wants it, but not sure when it runs out.

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Ah bastard! I just bought something from Rapha a few weeks back.

This is what dealing with no longer young people on the internet is like.

I’m 29!!

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Please see my post above, grandma.

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If any non-nationwide people want to move their current account there, we could both get £100 (one hundred pounds) and live the rest of our lives like the richest kings/queens of Europe.

This is just HUKD DiS edition isn’t it?


No deals in here!

I could also get a reduction in my mortgage I think but I am so used to the Barclay’s app and I love basking in their reflected evil that I can’t be arsed.

If you join nationwide though we could become their next advertising singing duo, like those sisters (?) in the recent adverts.

That certainly adds to the appeal, especially if I could shout ‘Onchibar’ at some stage.