Refundable flights

Why aren’t flights refundable very often? Is it one of those things where they actually are if you’re enough of a knobhead about it but airlines just pretend that they aren’t?

I have a ticket to 2000Trees festival and its non refundable and i cba going now

Sometimes. Never, ever get anywhere with first line customer service, but I’ve had full refunds, partial refunds, and flight vouchers back by doing the ultimate dickhead thing of emailing the CEO with a complaint.


Did you book the wrong flight babes?

Nah, honeybear. I am thinking of booking some speculative flights in case of United making a final that we may or may not make.

Still trying to spend the Vueling credit I got due to cancelled flights back in 2020. Was so many hoops to jump through to get the money back, awful customer service with airlines.

I got a £700 flight refunded, no questions asked, after we decided not to travel during Zika virus. That was American Airlines I think. Never had any joy getting a penny out of any budget airline

Easyjet do a thing where you can cancel within 24 hrs of booking, but you have to pay a cancelation fee. Dunno if that would be any use booking on the day of the semi final?

That’d be fine IMO, I’ll have a wee look, thanks x

Why dont you hitchhike and make a Channel 4 documentary about it?

and travel in a straight line

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Book it and if the worst comes to the worst you can sell it to an arsenal fan

Good call

I thought you lived in London already?

This isn’t bad actually, not bad at all