Is Reggaeton as big a deal in the UK as it is in NL? Any Reggaeton event here sells out in advance guaranteed, but a musical mate of mine in the UK hadn’t heard of it, which shocked me.

I’m in this weird situation these days where I don’t know what’s specifically popular to where I live or has just become popular worldwide since I left the UK, so I thought I’d see what DiS (possibly the least appropriate audience) thought.

Think it’s a pretty big deal everywhere, just not particularly with 30-something indie rock fans. Was definitely a lot of “What the hell is reggaeton?” in the Primavera thread this year.


I’ve not encountered much of it

I used to be well into it circa 2010/2011 while doing my masters in Leeds. We used to go to reggaeton nights on the reg

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What weighs more, a ton of reggae or a ton of feathers?


Heard lots of it in Granada last summer (the Spanish city, not the Manc channel). Often like scouring what’s #1 abroad on Spotify and can confirm across Europe('s charts at least) that J Balvin/DJ Snake/Tyga thingummy is HUGE.

Had a big resurgence due to the success of J Balvin / Bad Bunny / Ozuna / Karol G etc as well as a wider acceptance of spanish in contemporary pop music ie. bad bunny and j balvin singing in spanish on ‘I Like It’ by cardi b which is probably the biggest bilingual crossover pop smash I can think of. Other artists like Rosalia also doing bits for spanish crossover

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… And P4K approves it

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You know one of those songs that’s stuck in your head but you have no idea how it actually goes… it’s just there? This is one of those. Eek!