Regional TV Stations Of Your/Our Youth

This is the one I remember from when I was growing up


I used to like the sandwich game on No. 73.

Never realised at the time that Dawn from No. 73 would go on to be an Oscar winning director.

Oohhh yeah


Yeah. Carlton TV was always an aberration.

I’ve always lived in London and ITV meant Thames and LWT when growing up.

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Named after the city in Spain

Those colours :heart_eyes:

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I can spend a hideous amount of time watching ident-related YouTube videos

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The animated version was great too:


Checkmate motherfuckers




These are all just logos I’ve seen at the end of TV programmes on ITV. Were these all separate channels?

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Regional ITV broadcasters!

Someone will explain this more thoroughly I’m sure


And also in Southampton, where my nan worked. Building’s gone now. Stone’s throw from the stadium and old gas works.

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Ah, the Six O’Clock show was great. Had completely forgotten about that. Sam Fox and Danny Baker?

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Used to drive past it on the way into town

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was Thames/Carlton/LWT for me, although we were close enough to the edge of London to get Meridian sometimes.

the concept of having different franchises for the week and the weekend still confuses me - why not just have one?

Used to ride along the boardwalk path that would take you right past it almost daily a couple of years back. Might go have a look tomorrow for old times sake.


We just had, and still have


But they’ve gotten rid of Julian the announcer :frowning:

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Has all the scrapyard stuff on the other side of the river across the bridge gone too? I can imagine it’s all been developed by now.

Loads of people came through that show, aside from Andrea Arnold and the obvious ones like Sandi Toksvig, Neil Buchanan & Kate Copstick, you had Patrick Doyle (who’s written loads of film soundtracks like Carlito’s Way, Sense & Sensibility etc) playing Toksvig’s love interest, Andrew O’Conner (who went on to be the producer of Peep Show), and it also gave Frank Sidebottom a regular gig, too.

Did you enter the matchbox challenge? Everyone I knew sent one in.

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