Regretful Teenage Decisions

Went out with a goth when I was 14. Knew she was into dog collars & that but wasn’t very clued into the goth scene and really fucked it for her birthday by buying her a bright green dog lead from the garden centre.




And I still have it, so thank you


I think I can top the t-shirt thing during my edgy phase:

I once (accidentally) wore a pro knife-crime(*) t-shirt to an anti-knife crime charity event at the Southbank centre.

I realised at the interval and had to wear my hoodie in a stiflingly hot room for the remainder of the evening. When I think about this now I make involuntarily whimpering noises from the embarrassment it causes.

(*) a picture of a cartoon knife saying “hey kids, put me in your enemies”.


Can I ask how?

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Holy fuck

I forgot what the event was in aid of. And I didn’t really pay any attention to my clothes at that time (hence why I bought such a shitty t-shirt).

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Is snakebites in this case cider and lager? How does that connect to holes in your face?

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Definitely talked about this before on here, but was cajoled by a friend into buying a t-shirt that said “It ain’t gonna suck itself” when I was about 14. Very much a CWBAFT situation for years after that point.

Think I wore it once (with a jumper over it for a fair chunk of time I wore it) before binning it.


I broke up with my girlfriend on A-level results day when we found out we’d be attending different universities. It was not the day of celebration either of us had planned.


I had a t-shirt purchased from Leeds festival in 2005 with just the word ‘SCUM’ written on the front. I remember thinking it was literally the most funny and edgy t-shirt I had ever seen in my life and felt like a right rebel when I wore it.


Briefly owned this t-shirt and wore it Metros in Cardiff where it got lots of appreciative comments (mainly from people who hated Klaxons, even though I really liked them and it was an ironic t-shirt they’d made).

Then I ended up getting fucked on 99p doubles and test tubes of absinthe and threw up all over myself. When I got home I threw the t-shirts and jeans in the wash. Sadly the jeans hadn’t been washed before, and the pocket lining, which was orange for some reason, ran and made the t-shirt a gentle terracotta colour. I chucked it.

As a church-attending teenager: so many things. So many regrettable things. I’m still not 100% convinced I took part in a ‘dance’ interpretation of a DC Talk song because it’s so shameful that I think I’ve blotted it from my memory.


Somehow missed that the first time around, so thank you

Haha no, two bottom lip piercings!
Like this

That’s still the photo on my ID ffs


The Catholicism one is accurate at least but some of the others, my word


Should’ve stuck with cider and lager cocktails

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I agree :smiley:

Oh my! :smiley:


me and my friends were like the mean girls in mean girls when i was a teenager, except awkward and socially anxious instead of popular

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