Regular DiSers who had a mid-life crisis and left when the boards changed over








you’ll have all this to come in 12 years maaaan

the fuck. this was a reply to buggers


we’ve had this trhead 12 times but fuck it why not



i always type this wrong, well annoying




Sorry, mate, i’ve got a full-time job to fit around talking about biscuits and Radiohead. I’ll get Jean to work on some sort of new spreadsheet so i don’t miss anything,


find people who threw their toys about the board change a bit wet tbh. everyday life must be hell for them :frowning:


much obliged, Jean


what. not wasting their lives on an internet forum? oh right, yeah makes sense


i particularly enjoyed the initial horror of people realising this forum had features which THE REST OF THE INTERNET has had for about 12 years


as in if they have that severe a reaction to a board changing over i’d hate to think how difficult more serious things in life are to deal with? thought it was pretty straight forward?



Did anyone do that?


well, maybe they got to that point in there life when cutting off from this bowl of absolute nonsense was the best thing. plus, they didn’t appear (to me anyway) to make a grand, extravagant departure. I dunno, man.


yeah fair enough, i’m probably being a bit harsh


I used to quit the internet every New Year. One year i quit DiS at 11:59pm.

I didn’t have a lot going on in them days.




Not sure anyone actually did this.

Lot of people used it as an opportunity to try to kick the habit once and for all. I know I did.