Regular Friday



hey y’all.

Working from home!
Half day!
Then driving to Colchester!
And maybe going out with some old pals tonight!

(wearing a wave pictures t-shirt in the spirit of t-shirt day but not in the office so it doesn’t count)

wuu2 bbz x


Thought my boss wasn’t going to be in today. I was wrong. Bit awkward, I was going to be speaking to a recruiter about a job I’d be hilariously unqualified for later but now I’ll have to reschedule. And do some work.

Gf’s work friends are coming over tonight for curry and board games (Betrayal at the House on the Hill as they’re only entry-level penoids). Haircut and minor Christmas shopping tomorrow. Nothing on Sunday.


Alright Aggers? Nearly lost it with my colleague who believes her work is more important than the 2 premature children the IT bloke’s wife has just had. Instead I’m listening to The Haxan Cloak’s Excavation very loudly.

Got a ruddy bloody weekend at my flat because my mother-in-law is off to a coupld of shindigs (if she’s well enough). Got friends coming down from my hometown so getting pished in Farringdon the morrow :grin:


Day off :hole:
Birthday :birthday: :fireworks:
Booze :beers:
Shrooms later :mushroom:
Need to tidy up and get some food in. :pizza:
Autechre tomorrow :computer: ::grin:


hometown friend piss-ups are always, always great fun. Got a family thing tomorrow for my birthday (week early, don’t worry you’ve still got time to send me shit) but hoping to sneak out in the evening to meet some ATDs. Colchester is bare shit though




#HAPPY BIRTHDAY M_W_T! :birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday:


I’m really looking aboutward to it. Been a stressful couple of months of heading back to SW London so it’ll be so nice to hang out with my wife and some ATDs.

Get your’sen down the zoo, look at this top lad


Seems like the best people are Sagittarian…


I’ll be busy knocking out squaddies, sorry


Morning aggpass and etc. Wfh this morning to let a mate into my flat then heading in at lunchtime, mostly so I can go to the pub after work. Some good news for our company this week so everyone’s celebrating. Wearing this bad boy in the spirit of the day


Only eat Indian spinach dishes?


As a mid-level 'noid I find this incredibly difficult to play even with other mid-level 'noids. You have to effectively learn the rules for the end game every time you play and I find that they are inevitably really poorly explained.


And worship this dude


I think it’s fine if you go into it with the attitude that the end game will be unbalanced and possibly broken, and to treat it as an experience/story generator.

We got the new expansion recently and that’s supposed to have better scenarios. And was a must buy after learning that angry man babies on the internet were furious at the designer for having e.g. Anita Sarkeesian write a scenario, and he told them to absolutely fuck off.


Fun day of essay writing/presentation organising ahead of me.


Fair play. Not sure I’ll ever play it again tbh - enjoy the storytelling element but the end-game is infuriating for me. Ticket To Ride is my go-to for entry-level penoids, but I know that’s not your bag!


Fridays are fucking great. Even today where I’ve got work to do I feel giddy about the thought of some days off… my 16 year old self would be mortified at the 9-5 slave I’ve become!

But yes going to see Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them tonight. I don’t like Harry Potter shit but the thinly veiled does so I’m going with her, going to keep my external whining to a minimum. Internally I’ll probably just be bored and confused.


Wouldn’t even have it in my house, mate! (not really)

Betrayal wouldn’t be my first choice either tbh, but they’d heard about it and want to try it, so there we are.


I’ve let this slide for a while guys, but come on now