Regular Friday



I just point blank refused to go. She can go on her own if she cares that much.

Yes I am going for boyfriend of the year, thanks for noticing.


Yeah this is far, far worse than any Black Friday chat could ever be.


Feel pretty great today considering an abscene amount of wine consumed yesterday afternoon/early evening.
Very chilled weekend ahead which I’m looking forward to, lots of wine, weed, pizza and films.


Sorry, that was really rude, wasn’t it.

_ sigh_

Would you like to come over to my house tonight to play board games too?



I feel like if I try and refuse it’s going to come back and bite me.

Things are going well at the moment, so I may as well keep racking up points before I inevitably trip and throw them all down the drain!


Last time I did this for boyfriend points it massively backfired. Couldn’t hold my tongue, Jurassic World was so, so shit


Cba with point scoring. Waste of everyone’s time.

Really think I’m in with a shout for boyfriend of the year.


Playing a gig tonight, then seeing my family this weekend which will be nice, it’s been a while. Also my niece’s 4th birthday and she is pretty cool so that will be fun.

Shitloads of house move stuff to do though - had a bit of a panic this morning.



Watching ‘Gilmore Girls’ and playing bass. Might only get through two episodes this morning.


If I say it’s point scoring it won’t go well at all. I’ve got to lie and say I’m giving it a chance because she wants to see it.

In truth I’ll probably spend the two and a half hours replaying episodes of Peep Show in my head.


Happy birthday dude


2 and a half hours!? fuck that.

My girlfriend refused to watch Andrei Rublev with me during the Tarkovsky season, so think I’ve got this in the bank


Haha that’s fair enough!


I do this absolutely mental thing where I don’t watch stuff she wants to see but I don’t, and I don’t ask her to go to stuff she doesn’t want to see but I do. Sometimes we’ll stuff together, if it’s something we both want to see.

It’s a complicated system, I grant you, but it somehow works.


normally the stuff that the other person doesn’t want to see is bearable, and going to the cinema together is a generally nice thing to do. So I’ll sit through plenty of stuff I wouldn’t normally choose to watch, it’s just when that film turns out to be utter, borderline unwatchable shit that there’s a problem


think they’re banning that


I married a girl who has the same fantastic taste in music and film as me so we have a very happy time and are very happy.


quite a lot, of course a lot of it was “smug” from me


Went to see it last Friday, I’d give it a chance tbh, I had pretty low expectations but I thought it was good fun.