Reheating rice pouch

I know reheating rice that hasn’t been properly cooled etc can be bad, what’s the deal with microwave rice pouches since they’ve already been cooked and cooled? Mrs HYG did a bag of rice (Tilda baby brand) yesterday then put some of the leftovers in the fridge. Can I reheat it now for the kid?

This is a bit Theo I know.

I’ve done it and not died


Not sure I’d do it for your bairn hyggers.

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I don’t know.

Yeah if it was me I’d probably crack on but she’s already under the weather and I don’t want to add food poisoning to the mix

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still don’t believe this. i know you can prove it with SCIENCE or whatever but i’m still not having it.



No don’t reheat that.
It can only be reheated once I think.

it’s not bacteria - it’s ENZYMES. When you cook rice it starts making bad enzymes and doesn’t stop. Heating does not kill them.

Put it in a pouch of rice


They grow INTO bacteria if you keep it hot for long after cooking

bad enzymes and spores, aye?

fucking whatever, it’s rice. what’s it gonna do.

give you food poisoning is what it’s going to do

doubt it

I reheat rice pretty regularly. always been fine. Have had food poisoning from kidney beans though so probably not to be listened to

who is freezing rice

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reckon it’s all bollocks anyway. eaten reheated rice 2+ times a week since I was a sprog and never got ill from it.

Don’t we all.

Ho is Freezorlit?