Rejoice! Pancake Day! (Tuesday thread)

My shopping is coming after dinner time/bedtime so going to have to acquire some emergency lemons so we can celebrate the Goddess Pancake :pancakes:

What you wearing today?

  • black boots
  • black jeans
  • red and white stripey t-shirt
  • brown cardigan (mens)
  • accesories: new BEIGE umbrella

Sort of got a Leonard Rossiter vibe going on.


Genuinely didn’t know it was Pancake Day till this thread


Off to maccies to get a 99p pancake

Nothing says ‘going to a sold-out drag show’ like rain and a tube strike which means I’ll barely get there in time, even though I’m starting and finishing work early :clown_face: Really annoying. Can Londoners do their London things on days where I’m not there please.

I am going to be wearing my stained glass window dress, black sequinned trainers (they are my everyday ones because they actually fit my feet properly), probably some small brightly coloured bows (can’t wear any of my proper headwear because people behind me won’t be able to see), rainbow eyeshadow, and a black blazer.


I’ve got a spot on my septum. What fresh hell is this

I am wearing the following:

  • New Balance runners
  • Skinny black jeans
  • Blue Deerhoof t-shirt
  • Black hoodie
  • Black bobble hat.

Working in the office today, got absolutely nothing done yesterday so I must catch up to it. No chance of pancakes today.

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I have a half day. I was originally going to take the afternoon off to take my dad to hospital for his Colitis checkup and then go football with him.

But as I’ve got a runny nose this morning I did a precautionary covid test. It’s come back positive :slightly_frowning_face:

So that’s all off then.
Quite sad I can’t see my dad, but being stuck in playing Elden Ring will have to do.

Oh, clothes. Black jeans, sky blue “I prefer their earlier stuff” bear t-shirt, seafoam zip up hoodie. Penguin socks. I assume I’m wearing underwear.

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As for clothes.

Light blue t-shirt, dark blue jeans, black socks with cat faces.

I’m in the big city! Well, in the suburbs for now, at my parents’ house. Meeting a friend for coffee in town later and tomorrow, oh my god you guys, I’m going to an actual spa day with some ATDs. Never really done this sort of thing before so I’m quite excited.


Going for a walk on the coast today before I meet my mum for a coffee and a slice of cake. Of course this is the weather

Thermos made, spare change of clotheclothes packed, towel as well.

Might have pancakes later, might also be going to the pub later. Exciting day off.


Dark grey Rapanui t-shirt
Dickies blue and black checked overshirt
Khaki green Carhartt Sid trousers
Merino walking socks

Will be wearing a Patagonia waterproof coat in red red and copper and my Berghaus Hillmaster II walking boots. Nikon Aculon binoculars will be slung over my neck.

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Currently wearing pyjamas - grey t shirt, trousers with polar bears on and some slipper boots.

Will shortly be changing into cycling kit as I am going for a bike ride. Not decided where to yet - probably battle a headwind to Sutton Park and get the train back.

Take the dog for a walk after lunch.

Not a huge fan of pancakes - especially those thin, flimsy things - but my wife might want some later, I suppose.

Black jeans
White Brudenell social club t shirt
Comfy Adidas sweater
Super comfy big slippers (see below)

Pajamas, for the next several hours at least


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Savoury are the best tbf

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I like to mix in some mashed potato with the pancake batter for some thick spud lads


Took me about a minute to realise you weren’t the other Respected User.


Ooooooh this makes more sense

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Haven’t got dressed yet. Most likely very silly trousers and a boring grey top.

Can someone explain what’s happened in the “some news about DiS” thread please? I’m not reading 600+ posts