Relationship/Coupled up thread


come on
how annoying is your other half?


almost zero annoying. which leads me to suspect that i must be the annoying one :confused:


You’re definitely the annoying one.

I am not the annoying one.


This sounds like we’re going out.

I mean I’m not the annoying one in my relationship.


we’re going shopping today but she’s going for an eye test so I’ll have to dick around (after already shopping for 2 hours) and then help her pick glasses. i don’t know why she’s asking me, we have opposite tastes in things (though I must assure you I am always right).

She is also incredibly physically warm once she goes to sleep. I may have to kill her.


jesus you’ve dumped me over DiS? the hell man?


Fairly annoying, get more annoyed by a desire to be annoying than I do by any of the actual annoyingness though.


is this because i’m the annoying one?


Can be reasonably annoying. But is also the kindest, most supportive and understanding person I’ve ever met, so I can’t be too irked.

(I mean, I can, because I probably shouldn’t really be in a relationship and DEFINITELY shouldn’t live with a partner, but that’s on me)


Still cracks me up thinking abput casserole’s post about how warm people are gross



  • really good cook
  • does all the washing up
  • good taste in music and films
  • very hard working


  • never throws away old clothes
  • bit of a goody-two-shoes (doesn’t let me watch iPlayer because we haven’t got a TV license)


she joined english heritage with me with only minimum prodding. so basically now she gets to do whatever she likes without reproach for a while


What lead you to this point btw?
Like did you not know you couldn’t really live with someone until you lived with someone? or had you always thought you can’t live with someone but did it anyway?


this might not be the best thing for your relationship


we have an arrangement.


I’m definitely the annoying partner, but in a really endearing way :blush:


I guess I’d lived with someone before (twice, same person. Don’t ask.) and it went poorly both times, but actually there were major problems with that relationship anyway AND with living with that person, so I wasn’t clearly able to see from those experiences that I’m someone who should live alone.


hmmmm like most things it’s the really little things that annoy me which i just get annoyed at myself for being annoyed at.
we never argue which i find rather odd, but i think she’s just very good at placating me, i know i can be quite irritating cos every previous gf has told me this in no uncertian terms at one time or another.

something sometimes doesn’t feel right, but i couldn’t ask for a sweeter, more understanding and lovely person.


I’m frankly lucky to have her. She barely registers on a scale of annoyingness. And she puts up with me when I giggle at a DiS injoke and patiently listens to me explaining the joke. (I had to explain @squidpan last night).


I’m definitely the annoying one. She only irks me when she wants to stop loads when we’re out walking to take photos. That’s it though.