Relationship deal-breakers

We’ve established in the very friendly other thread that someone not having a standing order set up to stick £20 a month into their fixed rate ISA is an absolute turn off for some people.

What arbitrary standards do you have that would put you off someone for life?

For me it would be believing in astrology. I don’t think I could ever really respect their opinions on anything after that.

Let’s share and judge, people. Share and judge.

Funnily enough my wife’s mad into astrology.

far too many to list.


Yeah but how is she with money?

Geoff’s wife has got no money
She’s got her strong beliefs


This is an aside but it really astounds me how many people I meet who genuinely believe it, like I’ll chuckle if they bring it up and they’ll go yeah but then off they go about how everyone born on the same day must be similar because magic star cow


But don’t you think are into astrology in the same way people are into thefantasy games you like, they seem like really similar mindsets to me


i think this too

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Who’s projecting now? Genuinely thought it would get some discussion going. And mine’s a bit daft, so I thought I’d set myself up as a target so people could get stuck in.

Appalling. But she’s got a partner who actually likes her.

No cyclists


If someone was religious*. I just don’t see how we could ever be on the same page enough for it to progress anywhere.

*tbh anyone that wasn’t an atheist


Six years ago though. People change. Some might be interested in long term financial stability now that they’re proper grown-ups now.

Not sure I could go out with someone who was full-on religious, or a massive tory


typical aries


Smoking, I guess.

I think it’s unlikely that I’d find someone who’s into astrology or crystals or voting Tory attractive in the first place, tbh.

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Jeez. No wonder I was getting all the profile views. I said in that thread “I’ll suck your dick as long as you don’t wear jeans and shoes”

22 year old me makes me feel uncomfortable.


You think that someone believing that the star sign people are born under determines their personality and fate is the same thing as people liking to roll 3D6 to determine if their little painted orc damages the hippogryph?

This is top e-stalking tbh.