Relationship deal-breakers


Yes I think the enjoyment of these things is meeting a similar emotional need

Is it the fantasy theme or the rolling dice that does it? I’m not seeing the connection.

They must be able to pay for everything. I’m not paying for anything. :wink:

jeans and shoes looks ridiculous tbf

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Wants to kiss other people.

We can just roll all of this into “adult babies”, can’t we.


Luckily I’ve never been in this situation so I don’t know if it’d be a true deal-breaker or not, but religion probably. I was brought up Catholic, went to a Catholic school and was even an altar server for a bit when I was a kid, then decided I thought it was all bullshit in my mid-teens. I don’t think I could be with someone who really, truly believed that a wafer becomes Jesus’ ACTUAL skin after some bloke waves his hands over it

I’m genuinely curious about the train of thought that got you to this conclusion.

Or what I mean is to enjoy these two things you have to enter into the same mind realm

oh all of it - it’s just the same thing really - believing in wizards and magic fairies and sun gods and telling the future and getting dressed up in robes with your crystals and fate and going into the woods to battle an orc and stuff liek that

I’m sure there’s fucking LOADS but I can’t think of anything specific right now.

is into harry potter


Hating cats. Not being very fond of them, fine, but actively disliking them would be a dealbreaker. Fortunately, I have only met one lesbian ever who said she didn’t like cats.


I think the crucial distinction (brushing over the massive heap of things you piled into one category) is that one group recognises that they’re indulging in a fantasy, and other thinks they’re grounded in reality.


Along with people who “don’t like water”


phone out during films, actually. or radical Islamist politics.

i was just yanking your chain really - i haven’t a clue what EC is going on about


Mind realms, obviously. Like that Sherlock.