Release the bats - it's the goth thread!

I was wondering what Arg from TOWIE was doing in this thread.

I could easily spend a few hours replying in this thread, so let’s try to work out whether there are any limits in play here. E.g. how far into industrial/darkwave/EBM are you willing/wanting to go? Are you after strictly original era, or do you want suggestions on the all the goth children? Straight-lace goth only, or are you die-curious?

was gonna say The Soft Moon, too.

@Petagno Some cracking tunes on that album, including one the Cure’s best (which is pretty impressive given how many brilliant songs they’ve done).

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It’s the TV’s number one favourite Cure track - she was ridic excited when they played it in their Hyde Park set the other week :+1:

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Congrats! I got to see them play it when they toured my way a year or so ago. Was pretty damned pleased I decided to get tix.

Can’t wait for further instructions. Just quickly, though, not counting what’s already been mentioned

Snog — Lies, Inc.
Cubanate — Antimatter
Front 242 — Off
Front 242 — Front By Front
Prayer Tower — Halo

Goth-inclined shoegaze:
Curve — Doppelganger
Curve — Pubic Fruit (the early EPs)
(Lots of Curve, really)
The KVB — Immaterial Visions
The KVB — Of Desire (actually probably belongs in the EBM category)

Machines of Loving Grace — Concentration
HEALTH — Get Color
Einstürzende Neubauten — Interim

Not all of these are full-on, card carrying, make-up wearing goths, just music I’d be inclined to include in a goth/industrial club night.

See also Marilyn Manson, Depeche Mode, The Birthday Massacre, NIN, Ministry, Placebo, Severed Heads, The Soft Moon (as already mentioned), and even Preoccupations.



My answer to every single one of your questions is “go nuts”.

Edit - thanks for the recommendations you’ve already made. Keep them coming!

No goth literature so far? Poppy Z Brite was my favourite from the 90s :+1:




Never heard of Poppy Z. Brite. Please tell me more!

They’re 90s set southern gothic books that all broadly occupy the same universe. They’re all concerned with fairly macabre events but against a backdrop of classic teen goth concerns - sex, drugs, music, social isolation. Growing up as a home counties only goth in the village, it was nice to get a teen angsty viewpoint from a different country :+1:


Killing Joke are usually classed as post punk or Industrial but this is a goth classic.

If you haven’t heard their track 80’s you should give it a listen and ask why they didn’t sue Nirvana

Fields Of The Nephilim. One of the most mocked bands ever but are just brilliant occulty goth.
Dressed as post apocalyptic cowboys…

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry You can hear the dry ice. :smiley:

The Mission are shit, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise :smiley:

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Chelsea Wolfe is so goth she’s in a pvc catsuit in an asylum in this video.


‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ provides a great opening to the film ‘The Hunger’. Catherine Deneuve…phwooarr

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I got into Bauhaus via their song Kingdom’s Coming, which appeared on a compilation put together by Film:4 of “songs from and inspired by the movies.” Kingdom’s Coming was linked to The Blair Witch Project for some reason. It’s not in the film, of course, but it’s magnificent.

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Love like blood is such an anthem. Almost tempted to shell out thirty odd quid to see them on tour this winter.

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Is it alright if we just post videos of the best Bauhaus song?




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They are really good live still :+1:


Back on a film tip, anyone else a fan of early 90s low budget sci-horror Hardware?


Great goth aesthetic throughout, not least yer man Carl McCoy from Fields Of The Nephilim having a role (Lemmy and Iggy Pop also feature). Killer soundtrack too - the scene featuring Ministry’s Stigmata is one of my favourite ever :+1: