Releasing instrumental cover versions online?

Hoping someone here has some insight and advice into this area… I’d like to publish some cover versions of popular songs online, which are purely instrumental versions at different tempos to the original. I’m not looking to make money from these, but I am hoping that I could use them to draw more attention to the original material I have also created (and will have for sale) for the same purpose (use in freestyle dressage to music competitions).

I’m imaging that there are about a hundred legal issues here - but where do I stand in terms of permissions and which platforms I will/won’t be able to upload to?

Worry about it when they come chasing you…which is when you have made a massive success of it and can afford to pay correctly


Can’t you just retroactively do stuff like paying Harry Fox and so on anyway?

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I really wouldn’t worry until it’s a problem.


Yeah, you’re right. If you have to worry about it, you won’t need to worry about it!

If it becomes a massive hit they will find you and ask for a percentage…but if it becomes a massive hit then you’re very very lucky.