Relocated anything lately?

Please log it here

I relocated the bread bin from the middle shelf of this

To the middle shelf of this

Both require more bending than anyone would like but thems the breaks.


Moved the kallax from here

To here yesterday

Might actually make it to Ikea today, pray for me


Just look at all that fruit i stole from work on Friday

Refuse to believe only two of us have relocated things this weekend. Feels like a perfect moving about of things time.

I started keeping my earplugs in their intended box on a shelf rather than under my pillow last night


Moved out of my storage unit recently. Now every available bit of space in my flat has boxes, records and tshirts shoved in it. Cant open some cupboards ever again.


Would have the bread bin on the top

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I realise this is what most people would do, but I like to make my flat a challenge.

What’s the black and white flowers and birds thing?

A little hand-painted tiffin/lunch box thing

(In case lunch isn’t twee enough)

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I relocated most (but far from all) of my sewing and knitting stuff from the living room floor to this kallax recently

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Cant really say anything as usually wrap bread in teatowel in a drawer

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Relocated all spices, sauces and condiments to one cupboard. I pretty much survive on cereal and toast, so fuck knows where it’s all come from.

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I don’t think I’ve relocated anything at all since January

Me too! (However this is my semi permanent state/fear of renting and being asked to move at any given moment)

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Didn’t take a before but just moved some pictures about

(Realising now that my friend can never come over as my house is like a shrine to her art)