Remember anything?


Remember those DVDs you had to turn over? Weird that wasn’t it.

Remembered anything lately?

Things you have just remembered

Just now


Hi Balonz


yeah those eh… no sorry it’s gone


Oh yeah! T4! Haha! Goodness me…


I remember (and miss) him too, friend.


Those little desicatted coconut sweets that looked like mushrooms. Don’t see them about much anymore


Those are called vinyls m9


Very true that, haha! Yeah, I remember them!


Remember this


No, that’s different (although, do you remember Laserdiscs? Haha! A vinyl sized DVD, how weird was that!)


Remember floppy disks?


God what a waste of fucking time being anything to do with technology is


Fucking Streetdate is back


Used to love pinging the metal bit across! Weird that kids don’t know what the “save” icon is


Haha! Oh my God yeah, I remember them! Haha!


Hahaha! Streetdate! Woah! Haven’t thought about that for years! Haha! Wow!


I saw someone using a discman today. Remember those? They were like walkmen but with compact discs instead of tapes


Haha! Do I! I loved my discman! Wow, hadn’t thought about it in ages! Haha!


I was reading the Princess Diana thread and remembered that Scotland were supposed to be playing on the day of her funeral, and initially refused to reschedule, and there was a bit of an outcry and Ally MCcoist withdrew because he thought he’d be too sad to give 100%. It got shifted in the end. I thought it was too pedestrian to post in that thread but I think it could have a home here.