Remember anything?


No, I think you should repost it in the Diana thread please.


The SFA gave in to this sort of blackmail twenty years ago, I’ll be damned if I do the same now. Here it stays.


I remembered Berni Inns the other day



was in Asda yesterday and they had a bag, advertised as new! nearly got some (didnt)


Round The Twist


Remember Bomfunk MCs


Oooh jackpot! Thanks- will have to make a trip :smiley:


I remember NOTHING.



I remember Lorraine Kelly on TV saying “if you have tickets, just doooon’t gooo. Dooooon’t gooo”.

(that’s me typing in Scotch)


Pokemon Go


On a similar note to the OP and floppy disks, remember PC games that came on multiple CDs where you had to swap CD several times during installation?

Happy days, friend.


Was reminded of the ice bucket challenge this morning. That was weird.



Remember when Jade Goody used the term “burger” to describe her belly and everyone thought she was talking about her vagina?


I was in one of those Cash Converter places and it had about 50 or so. Some decent films as well. I nearly bought them all (and then would need a player) before I came to my senses.


Loved that episode with the magic TV remote! Saw it recently and it still made me laugh loads


So many good episodes. The Ghost Of The Dunny was a personal favourite


The Trap Door