Remember anything?




Just seen the official YouTube channel with every episode on!


The time Fathers4Justice invaded the Lottery-


On a Friday at the end of school you had to make all of your plans upfront with your mates for the weekend for where and when to meet the next day, because nobody had mobile phones.

In a similar vein, remembering my mum/ dad bellowing up the stairs that a friend was on the phone for me. And then a million questions (sooo WHO is Clare/ SImon/ etc?)




Arranging ones social life was fraught with difficulty in the pre-mobile days.
I remember waiting for ‘a friend’ to call me and wondering why they hadn’t, only to find my mum gassing to her mate on the phone. And no amount of impatient looks from me would make her end the call.
Also had to have conversations with ‘friends’ on the main phone which was in the dining room and was very open to the rest of the family ear-wigging my conversation.
How did we manage?


If I recall the term she used was ‘kebab’ and she was talking about her vagina.

Unless this is an in-joke I’m not aware of and I’ve been done here.


Just remembered the past


remember when i was in year 7 and this girl i was ‘going out with’ rang my home phone. My dad was sitting there smirking the whole time and 15(?) years later I still want to die from embarrassment


Just remembered Doodle Jump


Remember the One Pound Fish man?

For some reason it was the subject of conversation at work earlier. One of the team had never heard of him.


You’ve reminded me of the absolutely brilliant remix of One Pound Fish Man-


:smiley: they must be the least effective pressure group in history

“we want to demonstrate that we’re fit to look after children”
*commit loads of criminal offences that put other people at risk *


could you not just phone their landlines?

also, a question to non-Scottish people: when you turned up at your friend’s house to see if they were coming out, did you say you were going ‘in’ for then?


I do. I remember having Goodfellas on such a DVD.

A few years later I was talking to a friend who said he hadn’t seen it for ages because he had ages dud DVD that stopped half-way through, and I was like you need to turn it over!

Boring story, sorry.


remember this video not working cause it was an import and our VCR didn’t play NTSC and it ruined my birthday


Just remembered the time they threw a condom full of purple powder at Tony Blair! I’m not sure if they’ve actually ever achieved anything beyond getting on television a lot though. Was a great excuse for grown men to dress up as their favourite superhero in the days before Comic-con


Kony 2012 (and more specifically the weird uber christian behind it being arrested for public masturbation shortly after)

Was a bit odd, that


The solo career of fergie from the black eyed peas

While typing that I remembered the solo career of JC chasez from N*Sync


@Antpocalypsenow do you have a favourite olsen twins movie?
I don’t reckon I could name a single one off the top of my head but I definitely remember them existing