Remember anything?


It was aaaaages ago but it’s always stuck with me.


Lisa Riley going blackface in Stars In Their Eyes


janice battersby as bjork






Wait…maybe that’s bad… :grimacing:


Michael Jackson dangling that kid over a balcony. Completely wild behaviour.


When 50 Cent appeared on Jonathan Ross around the time Get Rich or Die Tryin came out and Ross shook his hand after every little joke or riposte


kate winslet on ready steady cook


When we moved over to the new boards and a few users assumed their old login details would work without signing up :grinning:


Karl ‘Fat Neck’ Power sneaking onto the Manchester United team photo-


Remember when Jay Electronica had an affair with Kate Rothschild, and the latter subsequently ended her marriage to Ben Goldsmith. Probably the most bizarre crossing of paths ever, considering Jay Electronica rapped about being homeless in New Orleans on his breakout track.


Never knew about that! Fucking Hell!


I think he was quite close to the family as well, to the point that he and Goldsmith went hunting together.


Anyone remember when someone (I think from here?) made a bunch of fake Tom Vek songs and sent them to record labels?

I had mp3s but lost them when my Macbook died :frowning:


Remembered Des Lynam yesterday


Was reminded earlier this week that Jordan schtupped Gareth Gates while she was pregnant with Harvey


remembered the tv show My Hero and how Ardal O’Hanlan had that mate who knew he was a hero and they did that secret elbow touching thing while saying ‘Zneet znatter zneet’


That actor was the narrator and did all the voices for ‘The Shoe People’


Went UKIP a few years back did Des :frowning:


A jingle on the radio for a show with someone called Robin Banks

:musical_note: Running around, robbin banks, robbin banks, robbin banks, :musical_note: