Remember anything?


The whole John Wayne Bobbitt thing.


That kids show where every time someone said teapot time stopped or something weird happened or something


I think it was my first ever time following a show looking for a lost style mystery to be solved.


Every so often I remember that this exists/existed.


Late Night Love with Graham Torrington


Remember back in 2013 when Pitchfork booked R Kelly to play at their festival and went ahead with it


I think it a damn shame that this isn’t still going.


Presents the late night show on BBC local radio these days, I think. Not show how loved up it is though.


If even Graham Torrington has become jaded with love then there’s literally no hope for any of us : (




One Direction/Wand Erection


Zenibab Badawi/Brian Harvey
You’ve got to have a system


I don’t understand this post I’m afraid.


So wonderfully partridge


These sweets


Misread this as a reply to @Launchpad’s post about R Kelly :man_facepalming:


Thread title makes me sing ‘one’ by Metallica in my head.


All about the Atomic Fireballs, m6


Remember that bizarre Tidal press conference

And Madonna straddled the table lol