Remember anything?


Double thises.





body is too similar to what you recently posted


Just remembered One Direction’s koala STD scare-


John Fashanu’s catchphrase, “Awooga!”



remember that jogging guy who pushed that woman almost under a bus?

did they catch that guy?


Just remembered I quite like The (International) Noise Conspiracy :heart:




Three people were arrested and released without charge. The case has gone cold (and probably not very high on the Met’s list of unsolved crimes).



Just remembered (via a conversation with Mrs F) that my first phone was this…


in many ways it was the perfect crime


Same as mine.


They’re meant to be playing at the Hackney Half marathon event this Sunday.


They played at a wedding I went to a few years ago, it was quality




Monday Night Sean


Vincent Gallo’s age.


Popping crisp packets either by stamping in them when they were on the floor or blowing in them and clapping


Firing the lid off a tube of smarties by slamming your fist down on the tube.

Kids of today will never experience that.