Remember at school in music class when you’d have to listen to a piece of music and write down what instruments there were?

That was my own personal Nuremberg trial.



Was quite good at it

I was rubbish at that. Guitar, piano, violin, trumpet and a triangle. That were my ear for instruments back then and probably hasn’t changed much.

Going off topic my knowledge and ability to name birds is similar. Pigeon, sparrow, blackbird and an eagle. They’re the only bird species that exist for me.

Oh please do. Anything to save this godforsaken thread

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I do remember this! Great topic

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There is possibly nothing in the world I am worse at than this, apart from identifying accents

I do not remember this happening at all


Remember anything else?

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My music teacher had 2 vinyl records in the classroom…


and this….

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Could go for a pretzel right now

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When I was at Uni a lecturer once played some noises/atonal music and we had to try to guess which inanimate object had been used to create it. On the first example he said ‘so, what is making the sound?’ and a guy put up his hand and said ‘the speakers’.

We certainly had this: