Remember Geography Week?

Most likely you do, because it’s happening right now


I have many fond memories of geography week and some of them haven’t even happened yet because it’s right now.


What’s been your favourite part of #GeographyWeek?

  • One of the things that has happened
  • One of the things that hasn’t even happened yet
  • One of the things happening right now

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#GeographyWeek will soon be History


This is probably the best geography week I have ever known. Difficult to say for certain right now for obvious reasons.



#GeographyWeek will soon be #HistoryWeek

Not for quite some time as we’ve got biology week and then maths week to get through first.



You see the thing is, history is something which happens in the past, so while it’s called #GeographyWeek right now, once the week is over, #GeographyWeek will be in the past ERGO it will become #HistoryWeek. This is not to be confused with #HistoryWeek, which, as you correctly point out, will be some time yet. I can understand your confusion. After this week though, #GeographyWeek will be #HistoryWeek, not #HistoryWeek which is a trademark that has been applied for by #Joke to reference all of these #DiSWeeks which occur in the past tense

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Need to tag Epimer

Jog on, raphy more like!!


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I’ll look back on geography week with a smile

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ahh brilliant

Such precedented times


I’ve really loved Geography Week, dunno whose idea it was but it’s probably the best thing to happen here in years

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