Remember HTRK?

Good band, them.


Great band! New single’s pretty good

Saw them launch it a few weeks back - always great live!

still miss Sean… big loss

Woah they’re still going?!


Mentions (from a few months back) is one of my tracks o’ the year already:

Prob in top 5 acts I would like to see live

Hopefully they will tour here next year

Love em!

Oh yeah. Psychic 9-5 Club is a great album.

Not many records manage to be nihilistic and sultry at the same time

This album is totally kicking my arse, when did they start writing lyrics like that?

Venus In Leo I mean

Really like this album
Sounds like how I imagine the xx to sound though and makes me wonder if I’d also like them

Was aware of them, I think around the time of their first / second albums, cos I was in London then and people I knew likes them. Don’t think I ever listened to them tho. But I like this new one (the one on Ghostly, looks like they’ve released two this year?)

New album out in September apparently (which I think makes for a real holy trinity for me, new HTRK, The Bug and Low records in the same month).

Venus In Leo is probably in my top 10 albums of all time. It’s absolutely brilliant.


Well isn’t this the loveliest of news! New song is lovely. Reminds me of jj. I miss jj.

They are meant to be playing Brisbane in October, have tickets but not that much hope it will happen

only got into them with venus in leo, lovely record.
their other stuff is pretty different right? what’s best to listen to next?


Woah, they’ve changed

Yeah, not sure it’s for the better though

Not really feeling anything post Psychic 9-5 :man_shrugging:

Jonnine solo is pretty bad imo too