Remember HTRK?

New one hasn’t clicked yet. I’ve been so into the ultra-delayed guitar thing they’re done recently and I want more if it.

don’t think it’s as good as venus in leo but still sounds nice imo. some good earworms buried in there


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Bought ‘Venus In Leo’ and liked it but didn’t inspire me to go into their back catalogue.

But have fallen heavily for Rhinestones, so spare but rich. Fits as a piece with this year’s Midwife and Chasms obsession. Have been hoovering up the old stuff and Jonnine’s solo stuff, even though it’s very different and distinct.

Very spooky that all three of those bands have an Oakland Ghost Ship connection that I didn’t realise until after I was hooked on the music.

I always check this lot out because of the Rowland S Howard connection but its never quite clicked until now. Enjoying ‘Rhinestones’ an awful lot.

Started to click now. Didn’t take long. Gilbert and George is the one that’s proving to be my way in.

deserves some love, this

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