Remember idiot pilot?

I do

Yeah, I remember them. They were the first gig I went to whilst at Uni.

I also do

Yep, quite liked how wildly experimental, if patchy their first record was it basically had everything from ambient to screamo to rap on there.

i remember the name

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Militance Prom was the one with the rapping in :smiley:

I actually really like Strange We Should Meet Here and how the intro to the album is them both discussing how they’re going to record the intro to the album and that IS the intro to the album!



Michael Harris was a top notch singer. Where has he vanished ?

really liked idiot pilot, especially the second album (Chris Pennie AND Travis Barker on drums)

my old hotmail account is an idiot pilot song title :smiley:

saw them at the Garage once, it was great


gonna listen to Wolves now

actually, you know what guys, this is still great



i listened to them just coz chris pennie was on ther, my word they were bad

they’re basically the brokencyde that it was ok for emo kids to like

They had proper haircuts pal

remember when everyone thought shitty laptop beats were a good idea

Well 65dos are still doing well with it

Never gave Wolves much time but I have very fond memories of their debut which was spinning away in my walkman throughout summer of 05.

Also on their website, they had this fun little bowling game which my friends and I never managed to complete…