Remember Lana Del Rey




I often find myself wondering what happened to her.




omg I actually just listened to her debut this afternoon for the first time in ages

Still a famous and successful pop star with loads of boss ass tunes. Will be headlining all your trendy Scandinavian festivals like Oya and Flow and Way Out West this summer.


In pog form?


Honeymoon > Born to Die > Ultraviolence

Ultraviolence had some nice moments, but far too many songs where the chorus is the title repeated over and over (Manic Street Preachers’ syndrome) - underwritten and overproduced. Honeymoon is much better. Born to Die has a few bangers, but a bit of fluff too.


I think she’s great.


Really liked her first album. Five tracks each from Ultraviolence and Honeymoon would have made a decent second album.


Paradise was a pretty perf follow up to Born To Die



She’s miles better than PJ Harvey or Kate Bush.


Really like her new song.


One time a girl texted me the lyrics of video games, which is funny on numerous levels