Remember old adverts for stuff relating to the internet?

I remember seeing an advert for… BT Openworld or something, in about 1999, where there was a massive crowd of people in a giant stadium, and a little girl stood up and asked “what’s this bit just under my nose?” and some science guy said “That’s the filtrum. The filtrum”, and everyone thought the internet was gonna be glorious knowledge for all.

Didn’t really work out like that, did it? Now it would just be “how is babby formed?”, racists, and weird sex stuff.

Oh wait just found it. Imagine if the internet were this… not terrible:

I reference that filtrum bit all the fucking time, people get sick of me going on about it


Thought you meant this one


I love it when advert bits get stuck in your head inordinately. Saw an advert for Heat once where that mum takes her kids into London, and even now every time I go to London, I’ll think of “going to London to buy Heat magazine” at least once.

That and a scouse guy going “MEEERDAH?” on an advert for some BBC cops show from ages ago.


Not an advert but I remember a very serious bit to camera on Richard & Judy where Richard announced that you no longer had to put ‘www’ before a website. In my head Judge Jules or Pete Tong was there too but I’m 90% sure I made that bit up.


I watched a Larry Sanders last night where Larry and Artie can’t remember the name of the philtrum and then the make up guy tells them.

Might try to do a daily LS post (I’m on a two day streak).

Jesus Christ, again with this? Give it a rest mate

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What else did you watch?

It’s weird, in my memory everybody was wearing white in the big forum advert.

It’s basically just Wikipedia, quora, mumsnet, and isn’t it.

edit: and that lad selling fish - people don’t really sell fish on the internet, do they?

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I hear you can get anything on the dark web



Like a futuristic bobbed Vorderman

A car door slams…from the Vera ad

Saw a couple of minutes of Teen Titans that the eldest was watching.

Then while waiting for my wife I watched 20mins of Waco (on the last episode). Such a weird series. looks like it was filmed for 12p but has quite a big cast. Feels very Pro Branch Davidians or at least anti-US govt.

Then when with my wife we watched one episode of Succession (was great, with the family counselling).

Then LS where Mimi Rogers is on.

Then, as we had the old HDD plugged in for LS we looked at some photos.

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Sounds like a very pleasant evening

Had this for dinner

There was an advert where some guy was out camping and he sees a snake and he uses like a WAP enabled Nokia 3310 to look up the snake and gets a monochrome picture of a snake which is little more than the snake from the game Snake, yet this somehow solves his problem.

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We had AOL once, it was v expensive

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In this the halloumi is very soft, does not get browned and has no squeak. If it is a textural thing then you would enjoy this. If it is a flavour thing then you might not.