Remember old adverts for stuff relating to the internet?

I still can’t hear the famous tune from Carmen without hearing “With Beeb dot com, it’s plain to see, it’s internet shopping from the BBC”.

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This has raised my interest levels a little further, thank you for the supplementary information

Shit, this page won’t load but I bet it’s this:

My parents ordered this when we were looking at getting a computer to replace the Spectrum. My brother and I eventually convinced them to go for an Amiga 1200 rather than an Acorn:

Saw this today:

Adverts for consoles used to be really fucking weird. Was it a PS2 one with a duck?

For me, Midweek Pasta Supper was the best album by The Fall.

The laugh at the end of that always creeped me out.

Also pretty cool that she married a guy from Grimsby…

Might be mis-remembering this but I’m sure that was by David Lynch

Apparently so!

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It’s the wrong 'un

Vividly remember this, and the follow-up advert that used the web address

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