Remember on Hollyoaks when Jambo took a life sized model cow round with him?

Well do you remember?

He also used to always climb through a window rather than using the door. Perhaps you remember that?

No I don’t

Hi Roy!

to the cow or the door or both?


Remember when that lad kept his dead mother in his house because he was emotionally disturbed? Good times

I’d like to distance myself from this viewpoint, R_H is, was and will continue to be a valuable member of the boards and a swell guy who’s company we can all enjoy.

Was it Jambo?

Naw think its was bumhead


Remember on Corrie when Tyrone, Kirk and someone else I can’t recall, I believe it may have been Gary, ended up keeping some hostage in a freezer cause he was a drug gang leader

Classic bumhead

You are thinking of Vinnie from Doogie Howser

You are thinking of the titular Watt from Watt on Earth.

You are thinking of the dog from Woof!

You are thinking of T-Shirt from Grotbags

You are thinking of Berk from The Trap Door