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Bit early isn’t it, awake as I’ve still got a cough and cold.

Drink some tea, read, go for walk in the drizzle is the plan for me today.

Big plans lads???

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Morning @slicky and the rest of DiS :blush:

Beautiful morning here

Cheekster 1 is away this weekend so the house is pretty quiet. Plan is

  • get out for a bit before the rain comes
  • eat some of the things that cheekster 2 likes but cheekster 1 doesn’t
  • ???

Right now, sat up in bed waiting for the tea to brew.


Playing football this morning. Then driving to Manchester, quick half at track/cloudwater then watching Fulham smash man city. Partner’s away this evening so decent chance of a takeaway and match of the day.

Very football heavy



Going to the football this afternoon.

Tram strike and train not-a-strike make getting back a bit of a nuisance. cba driving over but might have to.

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What are these??

Always interested as when giving my kids free choice dinner options and they always choose part baked roll with cheese and fruit :star_struck: (or takeaway)


Not sure of plans yet - we have a day off on Tuesday and Wednesday so any ideas that we have for something fun today feel smarter to do on those days when everywhere will be less busy. WE’LL SEE.

There are a few things but today we’re having

  • chorizo and bean soup for lunch (cheekster 1 can’t eat beans)
  • pork chow mein for dinner (cheekster 1 will just about tolerate noodles)

Morning all!

TV is working so got a solo parenting day. Starting with a cinnamon whirl and a coffee. Then eldest to football while me and youngest walk the hairiest (aka the dog).

Then not sure, might drag the kids to Whitley Bay, on the promise of ice cream. Little will they know that my ulterior motive is to see the Pied Wheatear that’s been there these last few days. Then perhaps the rugby in person (Falcons vs Bath), and then there’s a big fireworks display near the MiLs. Busy but not bad, Iooking at it all written down like that.


Morning troops, busy one over here. Loads of shit on and the rail strike that was called off but not with enough time for scotrail to respond is causing a bit of a headache.

Power to the workers though. I’ll deal with it.

Saw this on the Guardian - could mean two things eh

She thought it was a documentary because she’s never seen the crown, or that she’s never thought it was a documentary while watching it. Lol.

Morning all!

Pretty standard quiet Saturday for us today - drama and then possibly a trip to the library. The Child slept through so we are all well rested. I need to listen to the ML playlist at some point.

Not totally sure about meal plans because Wor Lass is cooking this weekend.

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Problem solved. Train there. Train-cycle hire-lift home.

Can have a couple of beers that way.


Had some banging cocktails last night.

Off to Derby today to see some ambient music


Morning. Real tired. 3-11 today which will help the tiredness no end. Weather looks proper grim, so a day indoors I think.

Going for an eye test

Is it uncouth to have the washing machine going when people are viewing the flat? I’m probably overthinking this.

Hey kids,

It’s a lazy morning here, gonna take it easy before heading over to the in laws after lunch for Lewes Bonfire. It’ll be Jimbo’s first experience of it, hope it won’t be too much for him. Hopefully meeting some of my Lewes based pals in the afternoon before it gets too crazy (and phone reception disappears)

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Good morning. Just had a sausage bap and lucozade delivered to me in bed because Mrs RKC is an ATD. Off to the football in a bit to meet family. Should be a lovely day.


It’s fine. :blush:


Currently lying in bed considering putting some coffee on.


homobloc today :sparkles: :dancer:

need to go to A Big Shop and A Big Clean then it’s boogie time.