Remember Royters thread about tomatoes and onions


The one where you had to pick one to give up forever…

Just wanted to let you all know that I’ve finally decided on giving up tomatoes and keeping onions!

Kept forgetting to buy onions this last week (been dead busy) and really suffered. Not such a big deal when the tomatoes run out.


I do not, no.


Tomatoes are much more useful and more prevalent and essential to recipes and etc than onions.

So you are wrong.


No way!

Unless you’re using some other kind of scallion substitute of course.


Hey someone on my fb went to a fatsby party! I wonder if it was the same one as your gf???


I am undecided on this.


think i could live without onions, love tomatoes so much


had a pizza a few weeks back with four different kinds of tomato on it and it was amazing


Are you trying to body shame my gf or something? Because that’s not on.


Garlic does a respectable job of covering for onion, though. What covers for tomato? Nothing, that’s what. Motherfuckin Fruit 1 Dimbulbs 0


I had no idea vegetarianism was this bleak.


You suspected.


Remember when he insisted that Jermaine Defoe wasn’t a proven premier league striker/goal scorer?! What a stupid cunt!!11


Lack of tomatoes is definitely, unarguably more limiting than a lack of onions. Fact. You can’t argue with that.


Really not sure.

I use both tomatoes and onions in pretty much everything I cook…


ooh look at me i eat anything that moves even if it blows my bum out


As was I but just try living without onions for a week!


Well, approx. 75% of everything I cook.
And of the remaining 25%, most of those will have one or the other…


I draw the line if it’s actually moving, tbf.


Not germane Defoe.