Remember the brilliant Normcore thread, let's have another one on Minimalism


Think that was my favourite thread of all time!

I really enjoyed this article…

I was buying into it but only because I’m the opposite of a hoarder. But i do agree with what she writes, it’s a very sanitised way to make you feel like you’re ‘being good’.


Erm… No?


That’s SO Normcore of you…



You are Normcore
You make me Norm


pls link the normcore thread


Is that a comment? Or are you saying that?





the absolute fucking state of that


It’s a link, to a sub-thread about minimalism. As an appetiser.


I was minimalist once. I had to change my name from max



I mean, let’s poll:

  • Philip Glass
  • Steve Reich

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here is my hot take: all of this sort of stuff is bad


Annoys me when I go to someone’s house and they don’t have any books or stuff. Kind of feel like I’ve been tricked



Shouldn’t be any replies in here really