Remember the brilliant Normcore thread, let's have another one on Minimalism

Think that was my favourite thread of all time!

I really enjoyed this article…

I was buying into it but only because I’m the opposite of a hoarder. But i do agree with what she writes, it’s a very sanitised way to make you feel like you’re ‘being good’.

Erm… No?


That’s SO Normcore of you…


You are Normcore
You make me Norm

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pls link the normcore thread

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Is that a comment? Or are you saying that?

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the absolute fucking state of that

It’s a link, to a sub-thread about minimalism. As an appetiser.

I was minimalist once. I had to change my name from max


I mean, let’s poll:

  • Philip Glass
  • Steve Reich

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Annoys me when I go to someone’s house and they don’t have any books or stuff. Kind of feel like I’ve been tricked

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Shouldn’t be any replies in here really

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