Remember the millennium dome?

I went there on a school trip

what was in it? some science shit or something?

Linkin Park


You can see it from the park by my house.

Me too. All I can remember is getting some excellent chocolate brownie bites.

“Oo remembers t’Millennium Dome?”


Yeah - it’s still there m8.

They’ve just re-badged it you fool


They’re doing a Mrs Browns Boys show there, so probably a net gain for culture as a whole that it’s there.

My ex’s sister worked there as a chef while it was open so we got free tickets. Saw Craig David do a live performance in the middle of the arvo when we visited :thumbsup:

Does anyone know exactly why it was only designed to be open for 12 months without any plan what to do with it afterwards? Always seemed so bizarre…

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We all thought the world would end at midnight on 31st December 1999 anyway so it didn’t really matter.


It was supposed to be convered into a football stadium - presumably because that’s the only legacy use British politicians can think of for White Elephants once they’ve served their initial purpose.


I recall the giant ear and also some sort of soft ball fighting arena which I think was tied into a film/cartoon


massive table football table
weird cinema showing blackadder
great parking for coaches
human anatomy thing

that’s literally it.

Bloody awful thing in a bloody awful place full of bloody awful people (mostly) on the two occasions I’ve been there.

Went with my grandparents. Remember very little.

That was only one of the ideas, favoured by then sports minister Tony Banks. Other ideas included converting the building into a massive film studio, a hi-tech business park or into a British version of Disneyland.

In the end the government ran a competition to take over the Millennium Dome. It was won by a Japanese-led consortium who would operate it as a tourist attraction featuring virtual reality computer games, a Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” and interactive art galleries. The consortium pulled out of the deal 2 months after winning the competition.

Bloody Paul McCartney refused to licence anything Beatles related in those days.

Maybe, but the deal fell through because of lack of transparency over the assets and liabilities of the New Millennium Experience Company, the organisation running the Millennium Dome on behalf of the government.