Remember the millennium dome?

Christ, “You Fool” is a deeply shit name even if we do all still hate Peter Mandelson.

I went right at the end of the year when it was £1 a ticket. all i remember is a massive escalator & blackadder.

Yep. And in a month’s time I’m going to have to work in an office next to it.

[You forgot to mention the lovely coach park. and the cable car.]

Did anyone else send in cardboard (think this was promoted via Blue Peter) to help build a wall there? I did, my name was displayed on a list somewhere.

was it going to be a big beautiful wall?

The biggest!

OMG here it is!

yeah i did this

i played at the entrance in the village wind band, if they invited us to play there they must’ve invited pretty much every tiny ensemble in the bloody country

Bob Marshall-Andrews MP in the Sunday Times, February 1998

At worst it is a millennial metaphor for the twentieth century. An age in which all things, like the Dome itself, became disposable. A century in which forest and cities, marriages, animal species, races, religions and even the Earth itself, became ephemeral. What more cynical monument can there be for this totalitarian cocksure fragile age than a vast temporary plastic bowl, erected from the aggregate contribution of the poor through the National Lottery. Despite the spin, it remains a massive pantheon to the human ego, the Ozymandias of its time.

Ha! The answer to his question is: the offices they’re going to build next to it.

So did I
I remember the body and that it was extremely underwhelming

“the entire roof structure weighs less than the air contained within the building”

Please confirm, @marckee

I remember going and my main memory is of something about ‘work in the future’. Sponsored by Manpower™.

As I can do (The Umbrella Concept paragraph)

Thank you Rihanna.

On the subject of 20thC archibods and the weight of buildings, have you seen this.

Of course you have. But do YOU like Nordic skiing?

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The walk to the coach park is purgatory.

And the less said about the cable car and surrounding eye-sore tower blocks the better.

The only mildly redeeming feature, in my eyes, of the entire Greenwich peninsular is The Pilot Inn and the little row of cottages / accommodation.

my thirteen year old self thought this was the best bit

Is this sculpture still there? Like that too if so…

I don’t recall seeing it back in February when I was last there.

Giant soft ball pits with soft ball guns?
Giant football table?
Giant human anatomy?

9 year old me fucking loved it

Went on a trip with Brownies or maybe Guides, spent the whole coach journey there and back listening to the third Spice Girls album on CD. The only bit I remember is the Relaxation Zone, me and my best friend just lay down there and watched the colours moving around for ages. Money well spent.

2000 there, in a sentence.