Remember these guys?

I used to get excited when I was a kid when I went to a house with teletext/a remote control. We had an ancient wood effect 70s tv that just kept on going forever, and my parents weren’t going to replace it unless it broke. Which it didn’t til about 1997. (There was also an extremely 80s design small tv, that also didn’t have a remote, and an 80s video machine that had a remote control on a long cable that usually didn’t work).

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what did they have instead?

Just the three separate leads I think, I’ve got an adapter somewhere: them to scart

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This was the SNES version or the Mario Scart

Composite video (yellow, white, red) and s-video mainly, and component for fancy stuff which we have too

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if you know and want to tell me the relative merits of each, I’m all ears :nerd_face:


Composite is best for general accessibility. Every VCR/DVD/Console pre-PS4 supports it, and every TV until recently had the inputs. But the quality sucks. All the red/blue/greens are being converged into one plug (the yellow one) and it just looks rough. Lots of visual noise when viewed up close.

RGB scart is fit. It gives each colour it’s own channel and looks nice and sharp on a crt tv.

S-video is ok. Sort of a halfway house between composite and RGB.

Component (red, blue, green video plugs and white and red for audio) allows for video up to 1080i and a pure RGB signal. Great for old consoles that support it. Since HDMI came along though it’s died out.


I see!

I am genuinely intrigued and grateful for this knowledge, and I have a newfound appreciation for the SCART plug.