Remember this classic from the DiS archives?


What do you reckon OP is doing now? I think he obviously made it - he’s sort of a perfect example of education in Tory Britain. The idea that you can go to uni and come out with a 2:1 in English yet have no discernable talent, flair for prose, or any real politics beyond a willingness to hustle and relentlessly self-promote makes total sense these days. He definitely works in digital media or marketing.


Enjoy making the tea at Rhythm Guitarist Magazine.


Just reading it now. It’s brilliant.


I’m going to make a coffee and have a re-read of that I think


Think he plays for Liverpool now


Some great Drowned in sounding right there



i’ve re-read this a couple of times recently any time someone has mentioned John Doran. lovely stuff.


really enjoyed that thread, particularly the first reply that proves the reason he didnt get an internship is because hes an idiot


“(you see what I did there)”

“buy it or at least go and see her live, after all she is pretty hot.”


“I obviously wouldn’t write in a style like that for a website like yours!”

Gutless sack of shit.


Find it hard to enjoy stuff like this anymore


How come?


still think i was in the right in that thread