Remember those phone-in games

You used to get them on programmes like Live and Kicking, and you needed a touch-tone phone to be able to play them. I thought about them the other day, not sure why.

This isn’t a Peter Kay nostalgia thread, so please don’t start posting memories about other things. This is strictly about this one phenomenon.

Remember this?




I do not, but it’s just about close enough to the thread subject to qualify for inclusion in this thread.

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I saw some white dog poo the other day!

I nearly took a pic of it for the real life DiSing thread, but Mrs CCB thinks I’m fucking weird enough about this site as it is.


And in the days before touch tone phones, you used to shout your commands down the phone and someone in a back room would use the control for you:




I do remember these, and being massively frustrated over how shit everyone was at them, though to be fair the lag involved probably rendered them pretty much unplayable anyway.

Have very vague memories of Timmy Mallett doing loads of phone-in games that generally revolved around action men falling into buckets of porridge

kill jester


Yup. They had them on Games World, hosted by Bob Mills on Sky One in the mid-90s (which also featured Jet from Gladiators as the games mistress).

Kinda related, on a touch tone tip, there were, briefly, some live interactive games on (I think, Sky) Teletext. Very basic, obviously. Like noughts and crosses, or something on that level and I remember watching the games take place as other people played. Pre-internet, watching Teletext respond to phone commands was kinda impressive. Simple pleasures. I remember Magic Pockets was on one of those shows

What’s a phone

I literally think about these things like once a week. I always wanted to go on one but our phone was not cordless and was in another room so it didn’t seem very feasible. Childhood regrets!

I thought this was going to be about stuff like that which was on premium rate numbers. I’m sure I recall this being a thing in the late 80s and causing outrage because of parents discovering their kids had been dialling them and spending an hour playing some kind of Choose Your Own Adventure thing on there.

It was on Motormouth

Thought this was going to be about this sort of thing

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yes - I can’t remember what it was called, but I remember nervously calling one on our home phone, then losing my bottle and hanging up after a couple of minutes.

My friend had a phone card (remember them LOL) and was convinced that if he sprayed it with hairspray he could play the game indefinitely and it would never run out of credit, Needless to say when we tramped down to a phone box to try it the game lasted like 2 minutes

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:smiley: A beautiful example of school rumour nonsense.

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