Remember when everyone kept going on about 3D printers?

Not a single instance of a dangerous prisoner using one to print a gun yet, as far as I know.



(I know they can be used for cool stuff with prosthetics and that, calm down).



My printer is about 15 years old, and definitely has width, depth and height. Fuss about nuthin’.

One unopened in the garage.

Never gonna use it.

I’d use a 3D printer to print a 3D printer ahahahahahaha :rofl::joy:

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really big in the miniatures painting world, would love to own one tbh.

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3D printers: are they woke?

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You can have this one, mate.

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I’ll print you one hahahahaha :joy::rofl:



Let’s print a new tree for up north.


The mall near me has no less than three separate stalls selling 3D printed models of characters from popular culture and I’ve never seen anybody buy one or encountered one of those things outside of people trying to flog them.

  • I’ve never seen anybody selling 3D printed models of characters from popular culture
  • I’ve seen it but never bought one
  • I’ve seen it and bought one
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Yeah man. I’ll get some pics in the morning and DM them you. Have a look into it and see if it’ll do a job for you. Happy for you to have it if it does.

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aww no way! will obvs pay postage and a pint or two for your trouble!

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Get them to pay the bloody postage, you’re decluttering their garage!


During Covid a business opened round the corner from me where you could 3D print a little figurine of yourself and I reckon it lasted three months, tops. Wildly hubristic move tbf

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Making zero promises of its quality or even if it works but it’s unopened and i’m guessing max 10 years old. Was an impulse purchase by a family member who often has too much money on his hands and he didn’t know what to do with it so gave it me a few years back and… obvs done nothing with it so hopefully you can get some use out of it

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