Remember when Joey and Rachel kissed and Interpol - Untitled played?

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I don’t remember them happening at the same time.

I might be wrong tbf

I only saw the scene for the first time about a year ago or something. But it was what made me love that song. Thanks Friends. Thriends.

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I thibk interpol was the final episode

Wait hang on, these things cross over? I’m not doubting you, but that feels way wrong in my mind, like Friends is a historical document and Interpol are a hip new band.


Remember when Roy and Hayley kissed and Sunn O))) - Mocking Solemnity played?


I remember finding this a surprising music choice at the time

Her indoors just Googled it, it was actually when they kissed. In 2004 so the last series. Which makes sense.

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I remember a bit of incidental music on Friends that sounded very much like ‘Rattled By The Rush’ by Pavement, but written in a way so as not to be fully plagiarised


I defo remember Untitled playing, but think it was to a shot of the NYC skyline or summat.

Possibly the Mandela Effect at play, idk

I do remember when they had a big apartment party with Doug Benson and the music they had on was Smash Mouth

Yeah, definitely happened. Joey sees Ross kissing Charlie so he’s all like, well fuck you Ross, if you’re doing that I’m going to kiss Rachel. It was the season 9 cliffhanger so 2003

Also, Joey and Rachel dating was one of the worst friends storylines but not quite as bad as Joey learning French or Monica thinking Chandler wanks off to shark documentaries


I vividly remember it coming in when Rachel was walking down the hallway for the last time but think I’ve made it up

Remember one of the little instrumental breaks in Friends was basically the riff from the Pavement song Rattled by the Rush

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Play that clip and then play untitled on Spotify or something. The friends version has been sped up for some reason

god yeah

Really? Woahh

Pretty amazing eh?

Might be the uploader speeding it up so it evades the copyright thing